Wedding Celebration of Kris & Emily

Kris and Emily are from Australia & UK respectively, they celebrated their union of love with their parent and close friends at the floating event pod named Port of Call @ The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore. Click here for full gallery of Wedding Celebration Of Kris & Emily

Solemnisation of Alvin & Jenny

Alvin & Jenny have been dating for the past 7 years. Went through ups & downs in their relationship. Today they tied the knot forever. Just like what Jenny mentioned “你是我最重要的决定”. Congratulations to Alvin & Jenny.

Wedding of Keith & Vivian

Few years ago, they met each other in a dinner gathering back in Vietnam. Love just happened, no matter where the other part is. They have their wedding celebration in Vietnam and came back to Singapore for their Chinese Wedding Customary at the Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore. Congratulations to Keith & Vivian.

Engagement of Matthias & Angelina

Their engagement celebration signifies a public declaration, in the witnesses of their family members, of their commitment to get married in a legal and spiritual union and also a milestone where the families will stand behind them and be the gatekeepers for the marriage.

Wedding of Daniel & Eunice

The special day starts at a resort @ National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC). The bride Eunice is from Ipoh, Malaysia but she was not alone, her gang of 姐妹 travelled here to give their support and blessing to her. The gatecrash was filled with load of joys and laughters. Congratulations to Daniel &

Solemnisation of Rayson & Jace

This wedding couple has the best of luck today. Heavy pour before their Solemnisation ceremony. Rain stops at the right time to allow us ample time to make some portraiture before it starts again. Congratulations to Rayson and Jace. Look forward to your actual day wedding in May 2016.

Wedding of Jiewei & Zhiwei

The most surprising element of their wedding is that they have a bridal bus. It was filled up with a bus load of joys and happiness. Congratulations to Jiewei & Zhiwei. Their solemnisation and wedding was held at Orchard Hotel Singapore. “Thank you for your lovely picture. My wife and I love it alot. Thank

Wedding of Lawrence & Ming Li

As a couple, Lawrence and Ming Li don’t normally exchange honey coated sweet talk to each other. Instead they preferred to 酸 each other and that’s their unique way of attracting to each other. Congratulations to Lawrence & Ming Li. Their solemnisation and wedding was held at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre. “Thank you

Solemnisation of Mark & Lulu

Two lovely person from the east (Myanmar) and west (UK) united in Singapore. Congratulations to Mark and Lulu. Their simple solemnisation ceremony was held at ONE°15 Marina Club, Sentosa, Singapore.

Wedding of Clive & Clariel

Clive & Clariel first met each other at The Wine Company 3 years ago. Today they officially become drinking partner forever. Congratulations to them. Their solemnisation ceremony and party was held at The White Rabbit, it was filled with joys, fun, laughter, wines and dance. Simply love the wonderful songs and performance from the band.

Solemnisation of Nam Hai & Huyen

Nam Hai & Huyen both from Vietnam registered their marriage in Singapore. Congratulations to them on this special evening. Their ROM solemnisation was held at the floating event pod named Port of Call @ The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore. “Thank you very much William, it’s just not about taking beautiful photos for our wedding but

Destination Wedding of Francois & Maggie

About 6080 miles apart between France and Hong Kong. Fate bring together Francois & Maggie from opposite side of the world. Congratulations to them. Destination wedding at Angsana Bintan, Indonesia. “Look through the gallery and album design and I love it. Thanks William” – Maggie “Thanks a lot William, it (photos & album design) looks

Wedding of Jiun Hoe & Jaime

Jiun Hoe & Jaime both live in Melbourne, Australia, came back to Singapore for their Chinese Wedding Customary at the Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore. “Thanks William. Was a great experience having you around today. Just want to let you know we love the photos!!” – Jaime.

Wedding of Richard & Peiling

An unique experience capturing the Solemnisation of Richard & Peiling at the peak of 282 metres. The ROM Ceremony held at 1-Altitude Gallery with a spectacular 360-degree view of Singapore. “Had a quick glimpse (at gallery) and really like some of the them already. Thanks.” – Peiling

Solemnisation of Chen Chou & Lang Ley

The lovely cupcake’s fondant decor specially designed to display their passion on ballet (Lang Ley) and Maple Story online gaming (Chen Chou). Congratulations to Chen Chou & Lang Ley. Their ROM Solemnisation is hosted at Berlayer Shade – Labrador Park, Singapore.

Solemnisation of Yucai & Po Fun

Congratulations to Yucai & Po Fun, look forward to your wedding in July. ROM Solemnisation at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. “Thanks for the photos. We liked them.” Yucai & Po Fun, Singapore, 31 January 2015

Solemnisation of Andrew & Trang Nguyen

Andrew & Trang Nguyen had their ROM Solemnisation at Cassia, Capella Singapore’s Cantonese fine dining restaurant. This coming April, they will host their customary wedding celebration in Vietnam. Congratulations once again.  “Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures.” – Trang, Vietnam